Ways to Help Your Dog Beat the Summer Heat

Summer time can be brutal here in the Philippines, with temperatures reaching over 33 degrees celsius here in Metro Manila. If you think that weather is enough to justify aircon 24/7, imagine how it feels like for our pets without the sweat glands humans are blessed with. With this in mind, it is important to take extra care of our pets during the summer months, and ensure they remain comfortable just as we try to be.

  1. Ensuring water is available


While it seems like a no brainer, it is important to ensure your pet’s water bowls are topped up. During the summer months, they will consume more water as it is one of the few ways they can cool down. Ice cubes are a great way to cool down your pet, either adding it to their water bowl or having them lick them directly is a good way to cool down your pet.

2. Shade or indoor areas


The minimum requirement is to get some shade away from direct sunlight for your pet. If possible, bring your pet indoors and into a cool part of your room. This is especially important if you’re leaving your pet either to go to work or do some errands outside the house. Making sure your pet can access a place to hide from the sun and properly ventilated will help keep your pet safe from heatstroke. In addition, your pets can also get sunburned despite having fur, so keeping your pets in shaded areas will prevent such an occurrence.

3. Never leaving your pet in the car


This also applies all-year around. The car while not running the AC is no place for a pet to be in. Imagine being in a car being heated by the weather, all the sweat pouring down from your face. This is several magnitudes worse for animals as they have no way to sweat from their skin. Leaving your pet inside a car, even for a short period of time can lead to heatstroke and death. Unless you’re running a Tesla with a dog mode enabling the air conditioning while away, under no circumstances should a dog be left unattended in a car.


4.Protecting your pet’s paws


Your pet’s paws are rugged and effective for treading on grass, mud, and other such surfaces. However, just like with the soles of your feet, your pet’s paws are very sensitive to extreme temperatures. The heated pavement, asphalt, or other man made surfaces exposed to the sun can hurt your pet’s paws and cause burns. As a rule, if the surface you’re walking on is too hot to place your hand on, it is likely that your pet will get hurt as well. If possible, avoid walking on paved surfaces during the day, and stick to grassy, muddy, or dirt paths. If you can, invest in dog shoes should your surroundings not have grassy areas for your pet to roam.


5. Playing with water


Should your home have access to a pool, or a garden hose, it is a great way to play with your pets while also cooling down. If you can, head to the beach and engage in outdoor activities there. If you do plan on swimming with your pets, ensure that they know how to swim, or purchase a pet life vest. Also discourage them from drinking chlorinated or salt water, and train them only to drink from specific sources. 

6.Watch out for warning signs


During these summer months, be on the lookout for unusual behavior exhibited by your pet. Often these are precursors to heat exhaustion, and dealing with them quickly can prevent your pet from suffering a heat stroke. Some of the things to look out for are:


  • Breathing difficulties
  • Excessive panting
  • Weakness
  • Seizures
  • Collapse
  • Excessive drooling


These are some examples of how your pet could be suffering from the summer heat, but any odd or unusual behavior your pet seldom exhibits may be a cause for concern and should be noted as soon as possible.

7. Icy treats for your pets


There are many recipes for creating popsicles that are safe for your pets to consume. These are often great treats that also help cool your pet during the hot summer months. Some specialty pet stores may offer frozen treats, but alway ensure that whatever you feed your pet is safe for animal consumption.


During the summer months, pet owners must be vigilant and look out for the health of their pets. While we might be uncomfortable in the heat, our furry companions are more vulnerable to the weather and rely on us to help them out. Look out for your pets, and you can be assured that you can enjoy the summer months with your pets.









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