Why Microchipping is a Must

The pet microchip is a small chip that is inserted into your pet under their skin. Usually located where a cat or dog’s scruff is. This device is used for a variety of purposes, but their main goal is to keep a record or identification for your pet. Microchipping your pet should be a norm, there are no downsides to microchipping and have time and time again proven that a pet with a microchip is more likely to be found than one without. Here are reasons why microchipping is a must:

  1. The microchip is a permanent way to identify your pet.


Unlike collars and tags of the past which can fall off, wear, and fade, microchips are designed to last a lifetime. They cannot be removed by the elements nor can they break or fall off as they are implanted into your pet.

        2. Increased chances of finding your pet.


In the unfortunate event your pet gets lost, having a microchip increases the chances of your pet being returned to you. Studies have shown that chipped cats are up to 20 times more likely to be returned, while chipped dogs are 2.5 times more likely to be returned versus their unchipped counterparts. The reason for these increased chances are the fact that microchips contain the information about your pet, but when registered also contain information about the owner such as contact information. This also helps prove in the event your pet is stolen that your pet belongs to you.

       3. Additional functionality


Newer chips available are being built with functionality to work with high tech pet appliances or with other features. For example, automatic pet doors can now be registered to detect the microchip specific to your pet allowing only your pet in and out while keeping strays from entering your home. People who travel with their pets might opt in for functions that allow for emergency services while abroad.

      4. Legal requirements


Certain countries will require all pets be microchipped and have some way to identify them. This is often linked with their identification card and book of vaccinations. While not mandatory in the Philippines, there have been attempts by LGUs such as in Baguio to enforce mandatory chipping of pets. Future pushes to control stray animal populations and to hold owners who abandon their pets accountable might see microchips become mandatory.


Microchipping offers benefits that might not be experienced in the moment, but when the time comes that your pet is lost you’ll be glad you had it. In addition, it offers convenience and functionality a normal collar cannot provide. 









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