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We at MyVet envision a future where vet clinics and pet owners are brought closer together using our online platform. A future where pet owners can get the best care possible for their pets from a click of a button, no hassle, instant access. Not only do we envision MyVet to help pet owners, but to streamline the services of veterinarians so they can focus on doing the best possible job they can.

How does MyVet work?

Through one unified platform on desktop and mobile, MyVet enables easier and more convenient access to veterinary services for pet owners while providing a customizable and functioning online space for clinics to grow and find new clients. On the side of a pet owner, they can find the best clinic for their pets, whether they want a clinic with flexible schedules, nearby clinics, or specialized healthcare for their pet, from one place they can find what they need. As for clinics, using the powerful tools available from the MyVet System, they can easily schedule, bill, issue prescriptions, and more to facilitate better care and communication for their clients.

How does MyVet differ from regular online searches?

The internet is the wild west of information. Especially when it comes to healthcare, more research is needed when finding and selecting the right clinic. Without specific direction, or verification, finding the right clinic can become tricky and time consuming. MyVet helps eliminate the difficulty of finding the right clinic by providing a database of only the best clinics, checked and approved by MyVet. By signing up with MyVet and filling up information about your pet’s medical history, that information can be seen and shared across all types of clinics to help you find the clinic best suited for your pets.

Clinics might find starting up their own online presence difficult. Setting up a marketing plan on your own can be difficult, especially with the difficulty of advertising healthcare services. Instead of relying on search engine algorithms to bring your clinic potential customers, MyVet already recommends your clinic to serious clients. With pre-built tools to enable billing, booking, and pet information, MyVet eliminates the need to produce your own from scratch systems that would be expensive to build and maintain.

By signing up for MyVet, whether you’re a clinic or a pet owner we ensure that finding one another is a simple and streamlined process so that you can better focus on things that matter. For clinics, sign up at MyVet Systems, for pet owners, check out MyVet PH to begin searching. If you’re interested to learn more about MyVet and pets in general, stick around at MyVet Place for updated blogs and information.

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